Are these recipes your own creation?

Yes, like a lot of arts you take from things that you know or see and you modify it to be your own.  This is what I have done.  If I love a recipe, I keep working it until I find that I have made it my own.

Do you take the pictures?

Yup!  I love taking pictures.  I have a mini-studio set up in my apartment.  A wonderful camera/lens.  And patience.  I know that I am still learning and I get frustrated sometimes, but ultimately I at least get one good shot.

Are you a mom?

No, I just decided to call myself MomNoms... Seriously though, my son was born on August 19th, 2015.  I am a proud mom!

How long have you been a chef?

I have been working in the kitchen for over a decade.  I have worked all parts of the kitchen: line, fry, grill; eventually becoming a chef 3 years ago.

Do you miss working?

More than I would really like to admit.

When will you be going back to work?

Not until my son is ready to start school. 

If I have something that I would like you to make, can I reach you?

Of course you can!  Just email me at and I will respond to you within 1-2 days!