6 Reasons You Should Go to Jax Vineyards and yes, they're all wine

Jax- The new kids on the block, well at least they are to me.  

I’ve been in the SoMa neighborhood either working or living for almost 4 years, so when this little vineyard popped up I was intrigued, unfortunately, I was pregnant and wasn’t so cool with drinking wine in public.

I have been walking past there to get to my favorite Starbucks for the last year or so.

I needed to try it, so I made an excuse, let me write a blog on it.

I emailed their event coordinator and got it all scheduled.

I would have a couple of hours, alone, without the baby, to drink wine and work on a blog.  This pretty much seemed like a parenting version of heaven to me.

So, here it is, the day that I get to go to this little winery in the middle of Brannan Street.

6 reasons that you should visit Jax Vineyards next time that you're in San Francisco and yes, they all involve wine

6 reasons that you should visit Jax Vineyards next time that you're in San Francisco and yes, they all involve wine

It’s foggy, but so has been most of this summer.

I’m anxious, but so has been most of my life.

And it’s the first time since my birthday that I’ve really been away from Braedon and Gareth.

We finish dinner, it’s test kitchen Thursday, so it was a super special recipe that I just made last week.

I get my stuff together and I ask Gareth if he’s okay.

I head out.

2 blocks is what I walk, yes, it is that close.

I have my backpack, I’m wearing my confident shirt (the one with the cameras), and a sweater.  I am pretty much stoked about this.

I go in and look around.  Their courtyard is gorgeous.  I look at their menu.  So many choices, I don’t even know where to start.

I decide to get the Parker Flight.

This features all of their best wines that got amazing scores by Robert Parker.

I actually fully agree with Robert Parker on these wines.

The staff is very courteous while I look through everything and figure out what I want.  

The main girl, tall, skinny, black glasses, with a gorgeous grey sweater on, helps me.  She tells me to go sit down and that she’ll bring the flight out to me.

I sit down, look around.  I am pretty much the only person by myself here.

The atmosphere is definitely that for catching up with a girlfriend or for a first date.  Quiet enough to talk, there’s a little street noise, but it’s San Francisco and you’re going to get this everywhere.

They have a great set up, with heaters and a fire pit, just in case it is cold, like it was today.

I sit at an oak barrel with old corks under the glass. I love it.  

Like this is seriously home to me.

She comes over with my wine, I am really upset that I forgot to ask her name, but I do know that she is a photographer.

This vineyard focuses mainly on reds, which I am perfectly okay with.

I start off with the 2014 Jax Dutton Ranch Chardonnay.  It’s not as golden as some of the sweeter Chards that I’ve had, but it is a really pretty color.  It happens to be the only white on my tasting.

I swirl and smell it- it smells bright and like pears.  On first taste, it’s a little more dry than most of the Chardonnay’s that I have tasted.  You can definitely taste the oak that it has been aged in.  I feel like if you give it one more year, it would be the perfect Chardonnay.

Right now, it is good, very drinkable, especially at the price.

Next was the 2013 Jax Y3 Taureau Red Blend, very deep red in color.  Smells sweet, like fresh cherries at first.  Very dry and heavy on the tongue.

I really get the taste of the Merlot in the first taste, upon the second taste I get the Syrah coming through.  I don’t really get the Zinfandel flavor at all.  I wish I had more of that, but it okay.

This wine is a nice calm red with lots of berry flavor.

I would recommend this if you just want to sit, read a book, and relax for the day.  Very drinkable.

The third wine that I taste is the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.

It smells like a cherry at first with a slight spice afterwards, almost like a rosemary herb.  When you first sip, you get the plum flavor.  

By this point, this is my favorite.  

It may be because I really like cabs, but there is something really good about this wine.  It’s not complicated.  The winemaker made the grape shine through.

I want to drink this wine with a rare steak and asparagus, this would be the perfect meal.

The 2013 Cabernet Franc is next.  I am not really familiar with this grape, but with research I find that it is a merlot and cab blend done in the bordeaux style.  

When I smell it, it’s dark, like burnt caramel, one of my favorite flavors.  

First taste is medium body on the tongue and very spicy.  At second taste, all I get is a rich cinnamon taste.  Very good, the cab definitely shines more than the merlot grapes.

And finally I taste their super star.  The 2013 Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon.

The smell is not overwhelming, slightly sweet, and has this herb after smell.

The body is fantastic.  Perfect.  

Definitely a sauv.

First taste starts off chocolaty and then you get a basil taste.  It really sticks to the tongue.

Never mind, this is my favorite.

I go back to the counter, take a few more pictures.

The girl who helped me said she likes my shirt, says she’s a photographer too.  I smile, she seems like a really interesting person and if I had more time I would love to speak to her about her life.

I get a full glass of the Chardonnay before I head home and a bottle for Gareth and I to share.

Overall, I really like this winery.

It would be in my top 10, the customer service puts it in the top 5.

I love doing reviews of places, people look at me crazy as I take photos.

And the fact that was alone, well I got to hear some great stories from other customers.  My favorite was about how awful British food is.

I would really have to disagree with that lady, I love British food.  But I may be biased.

If you are in the SoMa or FiDi area of San Francisco and are craving a chill place to relax and drink wine, go to Jax.  

I might just become a regular here now.

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Till Monday!