The Ferry House- the best pub for families

You thought you could get away from my England trip, but you couldn’t.

I had to tell you guys about the Ferry in Surlingham, because I completely forgot to write about it a month ago when I got back from the UK, and also I am missing the English countryside so much.

It was opened in 1725 and had an operational ferry crossing the River Yare until 1939, when the ferry crashed and sank.

It is said to be haunted as well, which I am sure of, because I totally believe in hauntings, especially places this old.

We went to The Ferry House on B’s birthday to meet up with one of G’s friend.

It was a typical English day, raining, but that didn’t stop me from going around the entire place taking photos.

(And getting yelled at and chased by a swan- he really did not like me.)

The setting on the inside is cozy.

Smaller than Coldham, but it feels more homey, like you’re visiting family at their house.

They have photos everywhere of The Ferry’s older days.

There are even some paintings, which to me, were even more amazing than the photos.

After the first 30 minutes of taking photos, I put B into his high chair, settled into a nice brew, and looked at the menu.

I had to have something that is the 2nd thing that I think of when I think of British food.

Bangers and Mash.

I love British sausages, the flavor is unlike anything that I’ve had before.

B pretty much ate 75% of my plate, though.

I mean, I couldn’t take it away from him, it was his first birthday.

What I did get to eat of it was absolutely amazing.

Just thinking about it makes me want to get some English sausage next week and make it, my stomach is growling.

G had a bacon sandwich.

If you didn’t know, bacon in the UK is a different cut than here in the US.

It’s less stringy, more meat.

G and I actually special order this cut of pig from a butcher here in the city, but that’s for another post.

It looked like it was cooked perfectly, with a slight crisp.  

Not only that, but there was definitely more than one piece in that sandwich.

After finishing up, we stayed for a bit longer, sipping on our Ales, and just enjoying conversation.

B decided to go for a little stroll and started walking all over the place, good thing that Sonia (the owner) did not mind and actually spoke to him like she knew him.

Although we didn’t spend as much time here as we did Coldham, I really would suggest that you visit The Ferry House if you’re in the area.

It’s only 6.5 miles from Norwich, so it’s not that much of a hike.  

It’s family friendly.

And they really do make you feel like you’re family, even if you have an American accent.

I will have to do more research when I go back in the next year or so, but you know I would never turn down a chance for a beer and good food.

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