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Instant Pot Chili Garlic Chow Mein

Okay guys, I have a confession.

I love Chinese takeout.

However I don’t love how long it takes to get and how much money I spend on it. So I decided to see if my Instant Pot can do it better, the answer? Yes. Yes it can!

Check out this Chili Garlic Chow Mein Recipe!

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The Heritage Cook's Amazing Cheesy Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Horseradish Mayonnaise

Are you looking for something for your tailgating needs?

The Heritage Cook gives us an amazing recipe for all of our football needs!

Grab a cold one, make these steak sandwiches, and enjoy your afternoon!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of my readers in the internet land!  It has been a busy week and next week is even more so.  But as always, I have you a wonderful recipe!  Come and learn how to make meat hand pies!

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What day is it??

It's my first Wednesday post and it's a good one!  I have you a burrito bowl, pictures of a cute kid, and a question that will change how next weeks post runs!  Show me some love!

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