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6 Reasons You Should Go to Jax Vineyards and yes, they're all wine

The 6 best reasons that you should visit Jax Vineyards and yes, they are all wine.

This may be my new favorite place in the city, between the wine, the atmosphere, the convenience, and the staff, I am absolutely in love.  And you will be too! 

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Spark Social is one of the best food truck parks in San far

I had the fantastic opportunity to preview San Francisco's newest food truck park.  I have to say, this might be my favorite one in the whole city.  I am quite the expert on these things as well, as food trucks were my life for 4 years!

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Eating in the Middle- Part 2

This is part 2 of my several part series on Andie Mitchell's eating in the middle.  This was an easy marsala recipe that should be a staple of anyone's menu!  

It is creamy, earthy, sweet, bitter, and savory- this is the prefect chicken dish.

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Socola Chocolate, Four Barrel Coffee, and the best baby ever!

There's a fantastic little chocolate shop about 1/2 a mile from me.  They have coffee, chocolate, a mom, cute little tables, alpacas and more! 

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