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Sweet Pepper Pesto Cod

I love lighter meals during the summer and this cod hits the spot.  

I use a brined sweet pepper pesto to give it all of the flavor that it needs.  This is perfect for hot summer nights when you don't feel like cooking much, but want to eat something delicious. 

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Cajun Alfredo collaboration with Food Guru

I teamed up with Food Guru to make an absolutely stunning video of my cajun alfredo! 

I've changed the recipe up a little since I first wrote about it last year and this is to die for!  Come along to make some cajun deliciousness. 

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Siracha Pulled Chicken Sandwich Reigns King During Football Season

Football season is here and sandwiches reign kings of the weekend kitchen!

My go to is sweet, spicy, easy to make, and perfect for watching my Baylor Bears play.

Siracha pulled chicken gives you a little of every flavor and is super unami.

Give it a try!

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