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The Ferry House- the best pub for families

The Ferry House in Surlingham is one of the most darling pubs that I have ever been to.

They treat you like you're family from the time that you walk through the door.

They don't mind having a one year old who runs around the entire place.

And best of all, they have amazing food and beer.

But beware of the killer swan.

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Salted Caramel Apple Martinis to start the season right

The weather is cooling down, the days are getting shorter, and the flavors of Autumn are starting to emerge. 

This is my favorite season for all of the rich flavors that you get this time of year.

i decided to kick it off with one of my favorite flavor combinations, salted caramel apple, and make it into a fantastic cocktail for you!

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6 Reasons You Should Go to Jax Vineyards and yes, they're all wine

The 6 best reasons that you should visit Jax Vineyards and yes, they are all wine.

This may be my new favorite place in the city, between the wine, the atmosphere, the convenience, and the staff, I am absolutely in love.  And you will be too! 

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Raspberry Basil 'Mojitos' to end my week

It's been a long week.  I love that on Friday, I can sit down and relax.  Except this Friday, I am so far behind that I'm having to write and post my new blog post.  Well, thank god for the magical brain that I have and it's ability to put flavors together.  I made a wonderful raspberry basil mojito to sip on while I do this and so that I can share it with you!

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