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Instant Pot Chili Garlic Chow Mein

Okay guys, I have a confession.

I love Chinese takeout.

However I don’t love how long it takes to get and how much money I spend on it. So I decided to see if my Instant Pot can do it better, the answer? Yes. Yes it can!

Check out this Chili Garlic Chow Mein Recipe!

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Instant Pot Homemade Hamburger Helper

This week has been full of easy meals for me.  

I have been catering a ton, so I haven't really had time to make a proper meal at home.  Or really, I haven't really felt like making a proper meal at home.

So I took the Instant Pot, whipped up some homemade hamburger helper, and had a meal fit for a queen. 

Take a look at how easy it is! 

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