Taco Bowl Bar

It’s late and I’m just now working on this blog.

But it’s been a long weekend.  

I had the event this weekend, which went really well.  It was very intimate, lots of talk of food, and best of all the food was delicious.

I decided to take one of my vegan recipes from the event and turn it into a carnivorous, meat eating, delicious meal.

It’s a taco bowl.

At the event it was quinoa and black beans, having it wonderfully filled with meat eating deliciousness, I substituted rice, and ground beef with the black beans.

It’s topped off with quick pickled red onions, and an amazingly spicy mango salsa.

I knew it was such a great hit at the party, it would be a great hit at my house.

I had guests when I made it and they were so impressed with it, that is always something that makes me happy.

The mango salsa was my favorite part of it.

I seasoned the whole thing with this seasoning from Spice Ace, which you can order online, that has a lot of spice to it.

I went to their store and smelled and tasted it before I was bought it.  I was in love with every single one of their spices.  I’m going back today in fact.

I’m getting some family members some seasoning for Christmas!

What are you getting people for Christmas?

Need more recipes for the week?




Krysten Wasik