San Francisco Marin Food Bank Holiday Party

I decided to take time off of my regularly scheduled After Dark and write a post about an event that I am throwing for San Francisco Marin Food Bank.  

The SF Marin Food Bank provides thousands of meals a day for the families in the Bay Area.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that no person should go without food.

Food can change everything for a person, their mood, their day, and their lives.

Since the recession the hard working people of the Bay Area have been struggling to eat, often giving up food so that they can pay for rent.

No person should have to choose between food and shelter, between feeding themselves or their children, no person should have to choose hunger.

The San Francisco Marin Food Bank will nourish 225,000 people by the end of the year through their programs by delivering more than 50 million pounds of food.

You should know that not only homeless or low income families need this food.  Even the middle class people who live in the Bay Area need food; some live in areas considered a ‘food desert,’ where there is no grocery stores for fresh produce and good food; some are seniors who have lived in this city their whole life, but now are struggling to survive; and some are students, who only get food when they’re at school because their family can’t afford any more than that.

All net proceeds will be going to the SF Marin Food Bank.  There will be special giveaways, food from local vendors, local beer and wine, and there will be people who enjoy food as much as you do.

There will also be a special giveaway for people who bring nonperishable items to donate to the the San Francisco Marin Food Bank, as well.

Most importantly, the people in the Bay Area will be fed for another day with the help of us.