It's the Time of Year for Pumpkin Beer

It's finally fall!  And what is a better way to celebrate than tasting a bunch of pumpkin beers?

It's finally fall!  And what is a better way to celebrate than tasting a bunch of pumpkin beers?

I decided to continue the pumpkin theme this week with pumpkin beers.


Yes, I said pumpkin beers.

I went to Whole Foods this week and got a few of the most interesting looking pumpkin beers I could find.

They are not all the same kind of beer either, no I wanted to taste a full range of pumpkin beers, from a light pumpkin ale to a dark pumpkin oatmeal stout.

Overall, they were all pretty good, but one really stood out for how much pumpkin that you could actually taste.  The others were good, but could use a few more pumpkins in that mash.

I’ll start out with the lightest, a pumpkin ale, but the one that packed the biggest punch of pumpkin flavor.

Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale  is brewed with 7lbs of pumpkin per barrel, roasted and raw pumpkin seeds, and has nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice.

Basically it’s a pumpkin pie in a glass.

It pours really smooth and has a darker color.

And it is the least ABV at 6.7%.

When you smell it, it is full on pumpkin pie.  There is no doubt that this is a pumpkin beer at all.

With the first taste you get heavy malt on the tongue.  The after taste is definitely pumpkin and spices.

I went in for the 2nd taste, pumpkin pie, just pumpkin pie, it’s like a dessert in my glass!  Definitely had a bitter taste left on the tongue- slightly hoppy.

The 3rd taste was still bitter with the pumpkin pie coming after.  I think that more hops come out the warmer this beer gets, which I am okay with because I love hops.

I loved this one, it had so much pumpkin flavor, it really stayed true to what it is supposed to be.  The pumpkin sticks to your tongue for a little while after drinking it.

Next was Trickster Belgian Style Pumpkin Ale.  It is brewed with pumpkin, spices, pale malted barley, and Belgian yeast.

The smell has malt, slight spices, but no real ‘pumpkin’ smell.

At first taste, you only really get the ale, a little of some of the spices, but nothing else.

Second taste is a little better, more pumpkin, still just very true to the ale flavor.

And finally at the third taste you get much more pumpkin or at least the pumpkin spices.

I think this is a great beer, but it’s not really pumpkin flavored, it’s more of a malty ale.  You need to keep it warmer to get any of the pumpkin flavor.

This is a really light beer in color, definitely looks like a pumpkin beer with it’s orange tint, smooth poor, really pretty overall.

It has an ABV of 7%, so it’s not much more than the Elysian, definitely a sipping beer.

Finally, I tried Buffalo Bill’s Brewery’s Black Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout.

This was definitely the darkest of all of them.

You can really smell the stout, kind of sweet, and has a little spice in the background, but that is not terribly noticeable, you really get the allspice coming out when you smell it too.

At first, this beer is very malty and very bitter, as it should be with 40 IBUs, the aftertaste is very sweet.

The malt and bitterness are still the top flavors after sip two.  It really sits on your tongue, the aftertaste is definitely pumpkin.

The 3rd taste, after sitting for about 15 minutes is pumpkin, still bitter, definite allspice aftertaste.

This one is so good, but I couldn’t have more than a few sips of it since it’s way heavier than the other two.

I think people who are stout fans would really love this beer or those who want something pumpkin but don’t want it to be the overlying flavor.

The ABV is 7.9%, so this might knock you on your butt a little bit.

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