Pot of Gold Mojito

Happy Friday!

It has been such a long week for me, it felt like it was never going to end.  Little man is sleeping less, thanks to an 18-month sleep regression, which means we are out doing more and I’ve had little time for work.  So I’m working later than usual to get it all in.  

Sometimes we need to stand back and stop working or whatever we are doing and do something for ourselves.

While I haven’t really done that yet, I am taking a step back from work for the weekend and enjoying time with my family and taking a well-needed break.

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?

I don’t really have plans yet, but I am coming up with a list of cocktails that I want to make for my friends.

The number one on that list is this Pot of Gold Mojito.

What makes this mojito special is that it’s made with Irish Whiskey instead of rum.

It really adds something to the flavor, oh yeah, whiskey.

This is going to be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day because it has everything that you really want in a drink, sweet, spice, and liquor.

I might start us off with this drink and end the day with an Irish Coffee.  That sounds like a plan to me!

Pot of Gold Mojito


Published 03/03/2017


  • 1 shot Irish Whiskey
  • 1/4 cup simple syrup
  • 6-7 mint leaves
  • Apple juice
  • Slice of apple for garnish
  • Ice


  1. Bruise the mint leaves to release oils
  2. Mix all ingredients together