Nothing is more British than a Pub

I’m rounding up my first week in the UK.

So far it has been absolutely fabulous.

Braedon is enjoying seeing his grandparents and the change of scenery, however, he does not like grass.  

His grandda has a huge garden in the back and every day we have tried to get him to walk around on the soft, spongy, green lawn and every day he has basically told us no.

I had an amazing food blogger come and write a post on Wednesday and she’ll be back next week!  

Check her out soon, she has amazing content to share!

I decided to write a very British post for you guys this wonderful Friday, eve.

The past few days, we have met some of Gareth’s friends at one of the village pubs.  

If that isn’t British, I have no idea what is.

Actually, I do.

Fish and Chips…

Real fish and chips, not what we serve in America.  These are giant fillets of fish with proper chips, not string fries.

Last year when we came to the UK, I was very pregnant and craved fish and chips pretty much every day.

I also didn’t get to actually enjoy the pub while I was here.

This time, however, I went all out and got a pint of Belhaven Intergalactic Dry-Hop Lager.

This is a real pint, an Imperial Pint, 20 fluid ounces, by law.


It was delicious, a little less hoppy than I was hoping for, but still great!

Gareth got a burger and chips, he wasn’t much a fan, but that’s not really British is it?

And I had to keep going outside with Braedon because he decided that he didn’t want to be his normal gentleman self.


I felt so calm after being in the city for so long.

When we got there, Braedon and I sat outside, he walked around, and we saw ducks and swans.  

We go inside, order our beers, and a starter.


I love prawns.

Braedon does not like it if they are cold.

Then, we order our meals.

I had fish and chips, Gareth a burger, and Braedon had ham and eggs.  

Other than Gareth's complaints, I quite liked the food.

The ambience of this pub is very calming, family friendly, and laid back.


I really enjoy the English countryside, especially with that pint in hand.

If you are ever in Norfolk, definitely going to a small village and visit a pub!  

I swear to you that it would be worth your time.

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