New Fashioned


I really mean it, I feel like this week was never going to end.  I think it’s because it was rainy part of the week and we couldn’t really do anything.   It always gets to me when we can’t do anything, it makes me feel stuck.

We may have gotten B into a daycare!  Which is exciting for me and you because it means that I have more time to put into the blog and my business.  I’m hoping to really expand over the next few months!

I did a tour of a really cool distillery a few weeks ago here in San Francisco.  They’re called Seven Stills.  

I got to experience a lot that I normally wouldn’t get to. And to get to know things that I definitely wouldn’t know without having gone through this.

You get to experience this tour with me next week.

But for a little preview, I made you Cranberry Orange New Fashioned.  I know that I’ve already used these flavors this week, but I love the combination so much.

I call this a new fashioned, because it is made just like an old fashioned, just has a few little twists.  Like the bitters are cranberry and I add just a little juice from the orange to really give it a kick.

If you are a whiskey fan, I highly suggest checking out Seven Stills, the biggest difference between them and your run of the mill distiller is that they use their own beer (that they brew) to create the whiskey.  It gives it a must different flavor than you would expect.

For this recipe, I use their collaboration with Simpleton Brewing Company, which is an IPA that they use to distil the whiskey.

New Fashioned


Published 03/10/2017


  • 4 dashes cranberry bitters
  • 1/2 orange juiced
  • 1/4 cup simple syrup (Sugar and water)
  • 2 ounces whiskey
  • Orange slice garnish


  • Mix all ingredients together, pour over ice, and garnish with orange slice

This drink tastes amazing with regular whiskey as well!