My Kitchen Hero- A Celebration of Immigrant Chefs

This is the week that I write every day!

But I have to write when it’s a good cause.

I try to go to community dinners quite often, it’s a great place to meet new people and share stories.

The last one that I went to I met a chef named Jess Bloom.  He has a team building business called Sacred Kitchen.

Sacred Kitchen is amazing, it takes food and allows it to connect people one way or another. It gives us authentic ways to reach out and understand people.

He’s working on a project to celebrate immigrant cooks and chefs and bring together people from all walks of life.

Jesse says, “I believe that what truly makes America great is that there’s room for everyone, people from all backgrounds at the table.  I needed to create a life-affirming response to our national conversation about immigration.

Every bite of food we eat passes through immigrant hands and it’s time to celebrate their contribution to our culture.  I’m a chef and these are my people.  Really, they are all of our people: who isn’t touched by food and the people who cook it for us?  Who doesn’t have immigrant roots?  The My Kitchen Hero dinner is a chance to celebrate our diversity and connect across cultures.  We’ll make food together and share our stories.  Everyone is welcome at our table whether you cook or not.  Come join us!

This gathering means a lot to me too.  As a chef, I have worked with some of the most brilliant immigrant chefs or people with immigrant backgrounds.  Being behind the door, in the kitchen, people do not see the brilliant artists that are creating their food.

My Kitchen Hero gives everyone the chance to see that person or people and to interact with them, to love their food even more.

The event is a fundraiser for Oakland International High School's Immigrant Leadership Fund. The Scholarship fund provides financial resources for leadership development programs to support OIHS youth who demonstrated leadership, community building, and enthusiasm for making an impact amongst their peers.

OIHS students who win the scholarship will have the opportunity to attend the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Come join us on May 13th at a beautiful venue in San Francisco’s Mission District.

You can also see their crowdfunding platform for the event in case you can make it here!