Lemon Pound Cake

Sometimes I get grand ideas of what I am going to make for the blog and forget to get all of the ingredients.

For example, I wanted to make lemon pound cake, well I did make lemon pound cake, but I totally forgot to get eggs when I was out.  

I had no idea what I was going to do, but then I remember you can substitute sour cream for eggs, did you know that?

It’s 1.5 Tbs per egg and it works like a dream.

So instead of just a regular lemon pound cake, I made you something better, something you can make without eggs, something that tastes amazing.

I like finding alternative ways of making different things, it really helps me to see how different ingredients interact with each other.  


Super cool!

What’s your favorite cooking hack?


Did you notice my new layout?  And logo?  This is step one of rebranding and really becoming what I want to be!  I’m super excited!