MomNoms' Blogiversary Lemon, pink peppercorn, and blackberry cupcakes!

Welcome to Blogiversary week! I have a cupcake to celebrate that is bursting with flavors!

This cupcake really shows how far that MomNoms has come in the last year.  I went from being young and new, not really knowing what to do, to a little different, edgy, and confident.

This time a year ago I was wondering which of the 30 blogs that I had already written that I would post.  I knew that I would never do it if I didn’t just jump into it.  I had already stalled for about 6 months from the plan to start the blog to actually starting MomNoms.

I didn’t know much about photography, but I knew about food and I knew what I wanted to see in a food photo.

I read my butt off about food photography saying that it was the reason I hadn’t started the blog.  I think I bought like 8 food photography books and immersed myself in how to do it.

I was ready for my first blog.

Brisket chili was my first post.  Let me tell you, it was not good.

It’s crazy what all you learn about in a year.

What I have learned in one year

  1. Be consistent with your scheduling

  2. Plan everything from what time you’re going to work to what your blog is going to be about

  3. Take millions of photographs and get better, you can always learn more

  4. Stay motivated- you are an amazing person, let everyone else knowit!

  5. Never stop learning about your craft, it helps you in the long run

  6. Keep calm, you’re doing okay

  7. Promote, Promote, Promote

  8. Don’t give up if something does not go your way

  9. Don’t listen to negativity

  10. Know when it’s time to make a change


Speaking of changes, we are currently working on changing the theme and how MomNoms runs.  It should be much faster in a couple of months and look awesome!  So keep a look out for that!

I have so many goals for the next year, I want our second year to be even better than the first year!  I know I have a lot of work to do in order for that to happen, but I am all in.

Goals for the next year

  1. Become more confident, what’s the worst that can happen, someone say ‘no’?

  2. Go to more blogger meetups, get to know my peers

  3. Change blog layout to something more me, something I love

  4. Start subscription service

  5. Help other’s who have been struggling with blogging

  6. Meet more local chefs and blog about them and their food

  7. Create more videos

  8. Add a day of blogging

  9. Have monthly and weekly plans and goals

  10. Go to different cooking classes and share them with my readers

Now onto the cupcake!

This is a lemon and pink peppercorn cupcake with blackberry cream cheese frosting.  The tartness from the lemon and the slight spice from the peppercorn mix perfectly with the sweetness from the frosting.

I did lots of experiments to come up with this recipe, knowing that I wanted to use pink peppercorn in a way that it usually doesn’t get used.  

I got this peppercorn from Spice Ace and completely fell in love with it when I first saw it.

I feel like it represents MomNoms so well, sweet and sour with a little spice.

Lemon and Peppercorn Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting

What has been your favorite blog this year?

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