You can take the chef out of the kitchen

But you can't take the kitchen out of the chef.

I know this was a weird way to start this blog, but it's my Wednesday food blog, anything goes. 

I'm having a hard time being a stay at home mom,  I've always worked and I have worked hard.  As a chef, I worked 60,70,80 hour weeks and it was wonderful.  I felt like I was someone, I felt like I was doing something.  

Chef life, pre pregnancy, look at all of that belly!

Chef life, pre pregnancy, look at all of that belly!

Being a SAHM, I often get lost in just being a mom, until I get into the kitchen.  When I start thinking about recipes, execution, presentation, menus, I start feeling like I am normal again.  The chef in me has been here much longer than the mom has been in me.

My mind can wonder off when I am really depressed or anxious or, well really any time.  It goes into the kitchen, flavors that I haven't tasted yet, dishes that I dream of making, pictures that I want to take, chefs that I want to meet, and dreams that I have.  The only difference between me doing this before and now, is that Braedon fits into all of my dreams.

Never did I ever believe that one day, something or someone would matter more than my career.  Not that I'm completely giving up my career, it just changed now.  I have different dreams.  I want my blog to be successful, I want to take beautiful photographs of food, and I want to teach my son to cook and love food.

Cheffing at an Android catering event!

Cheffing at an Android catering event!

Today was really good, except I missed my doctor's appointment.  Braedon and I walked almost 5 miles, stopped and shared some Thai food, and really enjoyed the heat wave that we had today.  We even got to have a picnic with our friend tonight.

They are bff's, can't you feel the love?

They are bff's, can't you feel the love?

I needed a day out, I get so lost in my head and what I need to get done, that I forget to make myself happy.  Going out for long walks and lunch out is really good for me sometimes.

Baby is feeling the grass, he loves it!

Tonight when I got home I made this amazing pasta dish.  It was an artichoke, sun dried, penne in a lemon and red pepper sauce with shrimp.  I had to multitask and get my little man to bed while I was cooking, so I was really afraid that I was going to mess it up, but no, it tasted amazing.

I have started to really utilize my twitter and instagram the last couple of days and to be honest, I have 'met' some amazing chefs and home cooks.  I am so happy to be able to interact with people who do the same things as me.

I know that this was a ramble of a post, but I miss being in the professional kitchen.  This is an ode to the kitchen.

P.S- We are touring an apartment tomorrow, I am so excited!