Best Kitchen Gadgets That You Need For Your Kitchen

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I may receive commission off of it.

We all love giving gifts to people, whether it is the Christmas holidays or someone’s birthday, it’s so nice being able to show you care, and even better to see the look of joy wash over their face as they tear off the paper. It’s up there with the best feelings in the world (that and eating chocolate).


However, sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice treating yourself to a little gift, especially something that easily justifiable to you (and your partner). That’s where the kitchen comes in. What easier way is there to justify a purchase than to buy yourself a gift that just keeps giving.


The only issue is, where do you start? There are so many kitchen-fillers we’ve fallen in love with whether walking through town, or been browsing the internet. Well it’s time to stop worrying and time to read on. Enjoy.


The Time Savers

Luckily these types of gadget don’t cost much, even though they to make life in the kitchen so much easier and so much quicker. They are things like apple corers, herb scissors, pizza scissors, collapsible measuring cups, pots with strainer lids, ice-cube trays that prevent spillage, milk frothers and avocado slicers. They may seem like luxury items, but give it a fortnight and you’ll have forgotten how you lived without them.


The Scales

The two best things about buying yourself an electric scale is accuracy and mess. Seriously. Electric scales are so much more accurate than old fashioned measuring cups and spoons, and that can make a big difference when you’re trying to bake something new and complicated, even if it is just your confidence that is boosted. As for mess, cups and spoons are messy - notoriously messy - whereas most electronic scales will allow you to measure everything in a single bowl. No more hassle.


The Rice Cooker

We recently tried out a Zojirushi Rice Cooker, and the results were incredible. It made deliciously fluffy rice with minimum effort, so much so we were able to leave it to do its thing while we went and started a film in the living room, glass of white in hand, and when we got back to the kitchen everything was perfect. What’s more, rice cookers aren’t limited to just cooking rice. We know that sounds stupid given the name, but they can deal with anything from risotto to oats. Life changing.


The Slow Cooker

We know, we know - these can take some getting used to. But once you’ve given a slow-cooker a chance and got to know it a bit better, you’re life will be revolutionised. These things are incredible, and not just at making delicious meals, but in saving you time and effort in the kitchen. A slow-cooker does it all for you. What’s more, they are coming back into fashion which means more and more helpful recipes are cropping up, allowing you to to create your own slow cooker kitchen. Yummy, and a great way to save yourself time and save yourself stress. What more could anyone want.

Krysten Wasik