Instant Pot Paella

I don’t think that I have been as excited about a recipe as I am about this recipe.

It’s a Instant Pot Paella.

That’s right, Instant Pot Paella.

I have done a lot of rice dishes with the Instant Pot, but none of them ever seem to come out quite right.

This one, however, was perfect.

The consistency of the rice, the flavor, the everything, it was perfect in every way.

You can do many things in the Instant Pot, but I never really figured out rice until I did this meal.  Unlike rice in a pot, you add less water, not more.  

Who would have thought of that?

I also used chicken and shrimp in this recipe, because I love meat and why not.

It’s perfect when you want something fancy or something that seems like it took a long time, but only took 30 minutes.

That’s right, from chopping to plate, it only takes 30 minutes.

I have no idea why all of this makes me so happy, but it does.

Instant Pot Paella

So fun story about the day, I had to do my first knife skills test in 5 years today.

I was so nervous, I was just talking to the guy like my life depended on it.

I think I did really well.

I’m trying to do some freelance chef gigs to earn a little bit of money, so I’m hoping I did well enough.

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