The 5 Best Patriotic Cocktails for You To Make on the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I’ve decided to put a round up of my 5 favorite 4th of July cocktails!  

I mean, we must celebrate our country’s independence by getting hammered.  (That’s a joke, well kind of, was not a joke when I was much younger.)

What do you guys have planned for this weekend?

I don’t think we actually have anything planned, I know that it is Gareth’s friend’s daughter’s birthday!  She wants to be a chef, so I got her a plethora of little chef things!  I really hope that she likes it!

Speaking of birthday!  It was one of my best friend’s birthday yesterday.  I made her this amazing matcha and strawberry swiss roll as her cake and this wonderful ramen.  Did you know ramen takes forever to make?

I mean it.

3 days.

It took 3 days to make.

But it turned out so well, I will have a blog on it in a couple of weeks!

That swirl though

That swirl though

I know we just moved into our house and mostly everything is unpacked, but I thought it was the perfect excuse to host a party! :D

So, the moment that you have been waiting for!

Top 5 Fourth of July Cocktails

Number 1: Patriotic Bubbly made one of the best and most patriotic cocktails that I have ever seen.  Full of fruit flavors, bubblies, and of course our country’s colors.  It’s refreshing, gorgeous to look at, and even more fun to drink!

Number 2: Red, White, and Blue Margarita

When I was a bartender, we would make something really similar to this next drink for when the Texas Rangers were playing.  I thought it was only right that I add this, as I drank so many of them so many years ago.

We would call them “Ranger Danger” margaritas though. :P

CDK Kitchen does it right with this, not overly sweet, cocktail.

Number 3: The Declaration of Sangria

You guys know how much I love my wine, I mean, you know that right?  I don’t just joke about it being a mom thing, I love my wine!

Recipe girl shares a wonderful Sangria that is super patriotic and has some amazing fruit in it.  I love drinks that are mostly fruit, because it makes me feel like I am being healthy while enjoying a nice little buzz.

I swear I’m not an alcoholic guys, this is just an afterdark post and I really wanted to get you guys the best drinks for this weekend!

Number 4: Frozen in the USA

If you couldn’t tell from my daiquiri recipe that I posted a few weeks ago, I love frozen drinks.  I really think it comes from the fact that Texas has so many frozen margaritas and coladas and daiquiris running around!  

Crate and Barrel posted a recipe that combines all of the tropical flavors that you need in the summer, in a nice patriotic, cold, beverage.  I want to make this, sit on my balcony, watch the fireworks, and enjoy the night time breeze.

Number 5: The Melting Pot of Culinary Skills

And my final favorite cocktail isn’t even a cocktail at all, it’s a boozy bite in the form of rum soaked strawberries.  I know, it tastes as delicious as it sounds.  

Just think of a white chocolate covered strawberry, soaked in rum, covered in sprinkles.

Does that not make you drool?  

It’s perfect for when you need a break from drinking on the Fourth and want to put something solid in your stomach! :P Just kidding, eat real food kids, alcohol poisoning is no joke.


What boozy concoctions are you having this 4th of July?

What is something that you are pairing with it? Grilling, summer salads, fresh fruits?  Give me the scoop!

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