Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 9

Hello!  Happy beginning of Mardi Gras!

My child decided that today was a really good day to be grumpy.  He wouldn't nap, of course, and decided that he wanted to be somewhere new every 5 minutes.  My brain hurts from trying to entertain him all day.

I'm talking to one of my friends about Doctor Who right now, I can't believe they took it off of Netflix, it makes me so sad!!  Doctor Who is my favorite show of all times, I think I've seen it like 10x.  I don't know what to do now that I can't just randomly put on one of my favorite episodes.  "Oi! Who turned out the lights!" 💀

I just got distracted again by trying to not spoil the whole series for her!

Anywho, I made pancakes tonight!  They were bacon maple pancakes, to be specific!  They were delicious.  I had to tweek the recipe that I had because it was a little too sweet, so I added a little more as far as salty components to help to even it out.  I call it a win!

Tonights questions is: What is the most exotic thing that I have ever eaten?  Probably sweetbreads.  I was going to put what it is, but just look it up, dare you. Bone marrow is pretty out there, as well.  At least for me, but man, is it good!  

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Krysten Wasik