Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 6

I seriously almost forgot about blogging today!  I have just been reading tonight and got distracted, I guess that's what I get for trying to relax! :P 

We had a mommy, daddy, and baby meet up today and it was so fun!  I host them every couple of weeks, it a really great place to meet new parents in the neighborhood.

Braedon ate blackberries tonight after we set up his new high chair.  Seriously get one of these chairs if you have a baby, it grows up with them, so in my opinion it is a great deal! 

Anyway, he ate blackberries and it was hilarious.  I am so glad that I'm getting him to try new foods, but his face is always priceless.

I absolutely love this picture!

I absolutely love this picture!

I made taco stuffed jacket potatoes with a cheese sauce today, it was absolutely delicious.  I may go warm up some of that sauce in a minute and eat it with chips! o.0  I couldn't get any good pictures of it though, they all just looked blegh.  

Today's question is which restaurant do I think actually lives up to the hype?  That's a hard question because I don't really go to 'popular' restaurants that often, especially ones that are 'hype-y.'  So, I have to think a long way back to figure this one out.

Okay, so one thing that I come up with is a restaurant called Harris.  It's a really good steakhouse in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco.  Gareth took me there on the last night that Braedon was in NICU as a celebration of him coming home.

It was the first time in 8 months that I was able to eat and drink what I wanted.  I mean, I did not go full term with Braedon, but it was still long enough to miss every raw meat and alcohol in the world.

We started out with prawn cocktail and sweetbreads, which were absolutely amazing.  This was the first time that I had ever had sweetbreads, if you ignore what they are, they are delicious.  I got a medium rare filet with scalloped potatoes and finished the meal off with an Oreo Cheesecake.

I don't know if it was the fact that we were going home after our little one had been so sick or if it was just that good, but that was the best meal that I have ever had.  Definitely lives up to the hype of being the best steakhouse in San Francisco.

A few pictures of the day he came home with us! Look how little he was!

Tomorrow will be my full regular Sunday post!