Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 5

Good evening everyone!

We just got back from having pizza with Gareth's friend and her daughter.  It was fun!  They do it every Friday, we join only sometimes.  I just really did not want to cook tonight either! Braedon was fantastic, but thanks to the Super Bowl being held in Santa Clara, all of the events are really close to us and it is a madhouse out here.

Seriously, Braedon and I took the train to go to Gareth's office and it was packed, not only that, but a 5 minute walk turned into a 20 minute walk because it was wall to wall (or I guess street to street people.) 

Look at this flirt!  He could seriously be a model :P 

Look at this flirt!  He could seriously be a model :P 

I'm exhausted, so this will be a really short post on the blogging challenge question.  What is your favorite meal from a family member?  I loved when my grandma would make dumplings, they are so good.  I haven't even tried to mimic them, but one day, maybe I will get out all of my supplies and make it! 

She always made it during holidays, I think it brought a little cheer for us.

I'm thinking of putting together some dough for croissants tomorrow.  I am thinking of making blood orange and chocolate to cover them, but I'm not sure yet.  Sound like a good idea?

Till tomorrow!


Krysten Wasik