Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 4

Happy Thursday!!

I have been out with one of my mom friends all day.  We went to Bacon Bacon (my old job), to the Puppy Bowl, and to a new tea place called Steep.  It was a lot of fun!  I'm so excited to finally have mom friends, even if my anxiety sometimes gets the better of me.  And by sometimes, I mean most of the time.

I made sausage rolls tonight, they were beyond delicious.  I didn't take any pictures because they were gone before I could! 0.o I got this awesome layering in my puff pastry though, I am very happy with how they turned out.

Today's question asks who my favorite chef is.  I wanted to say something like Gordon or Anne, but I decided to actually take this seriously and go with someone's food that I have actually eaten.  I love Thomas Keller.  He created the French Laundry and that is the only place that I've eaten his food, although he has several other restaurants as well.

Not my picture Found at

Not my picture Found at

His flavors are diverse.  They attack not only your tastebuds, but your emotions.  You long for them far after you are away from that meal.  If I could afford to go to that restaurant daily, I would.  He has taken complex flavors and blended them into a firework for your mouth.  I am very lucky to have eaten at The French Laundry, as it is a Michelin 3 star restaurant.  (My next one will be Saison, I am not kidding.) 

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