Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 20

2/3 of the way done!!

I literally just went, 'Oh, shoot. I forgot to do my blog post today.'  I am bound and determined to finish!!! Maybe I'll do another one afterwards, who knows.

So, I failed today.  I tried to make tamales and I have no idea what happened, but they turned out awful... Like seriously did not cook after a couple of hours.  I'm very upset.  We wound up eating spinach, almond, goat cheese salad with a lemon/orange vin.  I added some fruit to mine, so it was absolutely delicious, but I'm still so mad at myself!

Braedon's bottom tooth is poking through!  It's all pointy and sharp.  I am excited, but scared!

Teething Baby

I really want to start doing shoots of food that is not my own.  If you know someone hiring, please contact me at 

Tomorrow is my regular blog, I will be posting my wonderful chocolate bacon that I made for Gareth! 

Today's question is- what is my favorite food blog?  It is i am a food blog.  I want to be just like her when I grow up! :P Her pictures and content are absolutely amazing, I check in so often to see what she is up to!  

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