Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 19

Welcome back for day 19 of my blogging challenge!

Today has been a long day!  My little man is officially 6 months old.  My heart hurts to think about how fast he's growing up.  

We had an impromptu photoshoot of him, so I can have all of the memories.  I want to put something together when he turns a year of all of the monthly pictures that I've taken of him so far.

He ate an entire pancake and half of my eggs today.  I can't believe how much he liked it!  It was supposed to be my lunch, but he just kept grabbing for more.

Today's question is- Lunch, make it or buy it?  I make my lunch.  I try not to buy it.  I hate lunch though because I can never think of what I want to eat or make.  Or I get really lazy and don't want to actually make lunch, so I have a snack instead.

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