Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 18

Hello, hello, hello!

It is Thursday, yay!  Not that it really matters how close you are to the weekend when you are a parent. *rolls eyes* 

Today was a lot better for Braedon than yesterday, he was only a little sad today.  The rest of the day we laughed and played!  I love him being this age, everything is so novel and wonderful to him.  

Happy baby!

He decided to eat a whole strawberry (or 3) today.  It was the cutest thing ever, he sucked on them until they started breaking off.  I love how interested he is becoming in food.  I really hope that he is still interested when he is a toddler!

Strawberry baby!

Both mine and Gareth's dinner plans cancelled today, which is okay with me because I was exhausted.  I made us baked chicken and veggies.  Well the veggies were really for me, I made rice for him.  I loved it so much.  I also added blood orange into my vegetables to give it a little bit of a citrus flavor.  (My friend was like- "You and your blood oranges!")

The Steep pictures went up on my Instagram today!  Go check them out and if you're in San Francisco, go to Steep on Ritch!

Steep Tea

Today's question is- what is the best recipe that I have found on Pintrest?  I don't really use Pintrest, I know, I am a girl and I don't use this app... SHOCKER!  But I have a couple of times, I think my favorite on there was this tye-dye chocolate/caramel cupcake that I made a year ago.  It was devastatingly good, especially for a pregnant woman!

A question for you is, what would you like to see blogged?

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