Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 15

We are 1/2 of the way done with this challenge!  Oh my goodness, I really did not think I would make it this far!

Today was a fairly relaxed day, minus the fact that Braedon is about to have a tooth pop through.  He was in a lot of pain all day.

After I wrote my post, Gareth gave me this very pretty necklace to celebrate my eating disorder recovery and for Valentine's Day.  I started crying.  It means a lot to me that he is so supportive.  I have found my solace in food and it makes me happy now, instead of scared.


I made parmesan crusted salmon and mushroom risotto for dinner tonight, it was beyond good.  I didn't take any pictures though because I have SOOO many pictures of salmon.

I finished my first, book of the month club, book.  It was a really good one.  I am excited that I am doing this for my 'me' time.  Now on to another one!

He decided to help me read today!

He decided to help me read today!

Today's questions is: what am I best at cooking?  I asked Gareth and he said- "I don't know."  So, you know, that was super helpful.  I think that my favorite dish to make is my Cajun Alfredo.  It was the first dish that really made me want to be a chef for the rest of my life.  And all of my friends just absolutely love it.  I should make it and post the recipe!

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Till tomorrow,