Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 13

Hello hello!  I am exhausted!  My friend was really sick last night and had to go to the ER, so I watched her 5 month old over night.  Seriously, 2 kids around the same age, I have no idea how people do it!

She is doing much better and the kids really enjoyed playing all day.  Gareth and I didn't really get sleep and I think it was more because I didn't know how her baby would react towards being here.  My anxious mind stayed up trying to make sure she was comfortable all night.  Oh well, I'll sleep really good tonight!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  I already gave Gareth his gifts, but I have him a card as well! *shh, don't tell him!*

Winter is quickly ending and it has been so hot in the city lately.  I feel so icky right now from it.  I really hate being hot.

Because of pure exhaustion we ordered from Munchery and it was pretty good, I am impressed!

Today's questions is- What restaurant am I desperate to try.  I want to go to Saison so bad it hurts.  I think that is the definition of desperation.  I am seriously considering taking my income tax return and taking Gareth!  It's a Michelin Star restaurant that is right down the road from us, so it would be easy to get to, it would just cost somewhere near $1000 to go. 

Tomorrow is my regular blog day! Yay! So see you then!

What is going on here??

What is going on here??