Blogging Challenge Craziness- Day 12

Hello, hello!  It has been a really long day!  Braedon didn't sleep well last night and neither did I.  I hope he sleeps better tonight, I could use a good rest.

I did part of my photoshoot for Steep today, I'm going to go back next week to do some more.  I did not get all the ones that I wanted to take today.  I had to get Gareth to tell me that they were okay.

Braedon has been really sleepy and grumpy today, it's a growth spurt, I just know it.

I made Gareth several kinds of chocolate bacon for Valentine's day.  He loved it! 

Today's question asks, what is my favorite desert?  That easy, cheesecake!  I love cheesecake, we say that Braedon is around because of this bacon maple cheesecake that we had in Dallas last year!

I will see you all tomorrow!