Crossroad's Cafe is an amazing spot for families

I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to be able to do this post today.

I wanted to give a shout out/review of one of my favorite places in San Francisco.  Especially so, now that I have a kid.

It’s called Crossroad’s Cafe and it is part of the Delancy Street Foundation.

This foundation has many parts to it, including the moving service that helped us out a month ago.

They help people who have been incarcerated get a job, teaches them life skills, somewhere to live, and sets them up to be on track to a better life.

I really believe in this organization, because I feel the penal system does not help people who are incarcerated at all.  For the most part, it locks them up and does not teach them how to live in society again.

Because of programs such at this, people have a better chance of surviving, not relapsing, and becoming productive members of society.

The cafe is my favorite place, though.

Mainly because it has a fenced off garden that you can sit and eat at.  It’s perfect when the weather is nice and it is even better now that Braedon is mobile.

He absolutely loves wandering around the garden area, showing me rocks that he has just found, and getting dirty.

Most of the staff have been there since I was pregnant, so they’ve literally seen him grow up.  They ask all the time about him if I don’t have him with me.

They even have my order ready as soon as I walk through the door.

“Iced coffee?” They ask when they see me.

The customer service here is on point.  

They have so many choices for food from crepes to salads to sandwiches. Not to mention, coffee, beer, wine, ice cream, and smoothies.  If you want it, chances are, they have it.

Yesterday, I had a pretty bad day.

So, I really thought about cancelling our outing to Crossroad’s to get photos.

The day started off with my medication capsule breaking in my throat and causing me to feel like I had a hole in my throat, throwing up, feeling light headed, and generally not good.

Gareth helped me and by 2ish I was feeling much better.

I gave Braedon a bath, packed up our bag with our picnic blanket and toys, and headed out.

Have I mentioned that this place is literally down the stairs from me?  Even better!

I order my favorite salad, a Caribbean Chicken Salad with orange and avocado.  It’s light, but so flavorful.  Perfect for a mild summer day like today.

I get my coffee, set up our little picnic area, and wait for the food to get to us.

Braedon is playing with our little number and exploring, I’m snapping photos of him, of the grounds, and just getting dirty with him while he looks for rocks.

The salad comes out and does not disappoint.  We both scarf it down.  (Have I told you that my kid can eat?)

Crossroad’s is also a bookstore, I know, rare nowadays!

After we finish lunch and roaming around the garden, I go exploring their books.  They always have something different.

I didn’t find anything that I wanted to buy right now, but their cookbook section is awesome.

If you are in San Francisco and have kids, do yourself a favor, go to Crossroad’s, get a coffee or a wine, let the kids play in a safe area, and relax with people who are genuinely nice to you.  Maybe, I’ll see you there!

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