Perfectly Imperfect Cranberry Pecan Cookies

I have been baking all day, starting off with a San Francisco food blogger's cinnamon bun cookies and then ending with the cookies that I wanted to use for this blog.

Do you ever look at cookies and wonder how on earth they look so gorgeous?  I did that with Irvin Lin's book.  His food looks so good!  Definitely inspiration.

However, I love my little imperfect cookies, because they taste like Thanksgiving.  They taste like fall.  And most of all they taste like I made the recipe.

Do you ever just really love something that you make because you made it?

These are imperfect, slightly square, taste like pecans and cranberries, and are delicious! 

If you don't give 2 cents about what your cookies look like as long as they taste good, these cookies are definitely the cookie for you.

Cranberry Pecan Cookies

Do you get frustrated when you don't make something that looks perfect?

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