DIY Christmas- Taco Seasoning

I can officially start saying that it’s Christmas time!

I hate doing things too early, because I feel like I’m really disrespecting Halloween and Thanksgiving, and we all know how much I love Halloween.

What are you guys doing for presents this year?  

I wanted to do something creative, but as a chef who lives far away from a lot of my family, I found it really difficult.

Until I started talking to my mom about the blog and how she wishes that she could put together things like I do.

To me, it is all about getting the herbs and spices down, once you have them down, you can make pretty much anything and make sure it does not taste bland.

There are some things, like a really nice steak, that only needs a little salt and pepper.  But then there are other things like tacos or most pasta dishes, that need a wonderful mix of herbs, spices, salts, peppers, chilis, you name it.

I know that people have a hard time with this, so for Christmas I wanted to put together little spice kits for different foods.

I also wanted to give a little recipe book, but I haven’t had time to put it together, which is really sad, but a great idea for anyone who is wanting to do this as their holiday gift.

During the Foodie Holiday Party this year, I met this wonderful lady who owns this shop called Spice Ace.

I went into this shop for the first time, right before the party to pick up some giveaways, and I fell in love.  They had every spice that I could think of, they were affordable, and best of all, they had quality spices.

I spent my last twenty dollars that I had for a few weeks in that little shop that day and I have not regretted it.

My favorite blend that they have is called Nob Hill Seasoning.  It is a little like a garlic salt and is perfect on pretty much everything.

The owner donated a ton of spices to the Foodie Holiday Party, which was super nice.  I used almost everything that I bought in the food that I made for the party, because I really wanted to show off her superior spices.

I love this place because it’s affordable.  

If you’ve ever been to a spice store, it’s usually expensive.

I went to get spices for Christmas presents and spent about half of what I would have anywhere else.

My favorite seasoning that I made for a gift is my taco seasoning, which I’ll share with you, just in case you want to do something like this for your friends and family!

Do you do any DIY Christmas gifts?

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