Chili Lime Chicken

After a week away, I am refreshed and ready to give you guys some more fantastic recipes!

Let’s talk marinating, do you marinate your meats?

If you don’t, why not?

There are actually a lot of benefits to marinating meat before cooking it, but I know, it takes more time that you don’t necessarily have.

I know most of the time I don’t have the time to marinate the meat, I mean come on, who has 2 hours before they’re cooking to do anything?  Most of you guys are probably at work 2 hours before you want to cook.

Want to know something cool though?

Poultry, you can marinate up to 2 days before you cook it.  

Marinating helps to really lock in moisture, allows the meat to absorb the flavor that you are trying to get, and naturally tenderizes the poultry.

I literally just learned this by googling, ‘why marinate meat.’

I know, even chefs have to google sometimes.

I received salt in the mail from San Francisco Salt Company and one of the mixes that they sent me really made me want to make something featuring that salt or at least that flavor.

Chili Lime.

I love chili lime seasoning, but something about their salt really cuts through the usual acid that you get in that kind of seasoning.

I really wanted to get the sweet and spicy, so I added in a couple more sweet qualities and of course Sriracha.

I love how complex some meals can be, but in all reality, it’s really easy.

Do you do meals like that?

When I was making this chili lime chicken, I really thought that I had messed up.  It was turning out darker than I wanted it to be, I wasn’t sure how the flavors were going to turn out, and G said it smelled overpowering.


You get a kick when you first bite into it and then you end it with this subtle hint of lime that has soaked into the chicken.  It is perfect.

Chili Lime Chicken

I especially liked making this meal this week because it’s been so gross outside.  I needed something that reminded me that summer is right around to corner, something to really warm me up.  

This chicken was the perfect ‘warm me up.’

What is something that helps you to warm up when it’s gross outside?

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