Blogging Challenge Craziness!! Day 1!

So, I found a 30 day writing challenge specifically for food blogs!  I didn’t know that that would take forever to do!

I’m a bit excited to do this.  I think I’m mainly excited to do it because it will help me to continue writing and hopefully not give up on the blog.

I mean I don’t like giving up, but if I’m not making progress, I get really discouraged.  I know it’s really unfortunate for me, because I probably could have accomplished a lot more than I have.  I am kind of a perfectionist that way.  I really need to get over it, especially since I can never be perfect as a parent and we all make some sort of mistake.  It will just get me down if I try to be completely perfect.

So it’s Day 1 of the challenge and I have to write on my favorite food.  I’m not sure the context, like my favorite meal or just my favorite piece of food?  I guess I’ll write on my favorite meal.  This is really hard for me because, well I really like food.  I grew up in Texas, so I really like Tex-Mex.  I think my favorite is probably enchiladas… I like all kinds of enchiladas, from beef to cheese to chicken, oh god my stomach is growling now!

I will be blogging one of my enchilada recipes on Sunday, I just have to figure out which one I like the most!

As always, subscribe, follow, give me a shout out, let me know how you’re doing!

Here, have a Braedon at a month old! Isn't he darling? 

Here, have a Braedon at a month old! Isn't he darling?