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MomNom's Best Hangover Cure

New Year's Eve was last night and I bet you had fun!

But I'm also betting that you don't feel that well this morning.

I have the perfect thing for you!

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Coq Au Vin is just a fancy way of saying Chicken in Wine-

Coq au vin is just a fancy word for chicken in wine.  It's a pretty great recipe!  Serve it with some rice.  I mean chicken and rice happens to be the best combination in the world.  I'm experiencing a quarter life crisis of whether or not to keep the blog.  I also need some reader feedback!

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Better than an Italian restaurant Shrimp Alfredo

Happy Sunday!  Thank you for returning to the blog!  I have a delicious and quick shrimp alfredo recipe for you to try out this week.  I also have exciting news about my food photography and my wonderful son!

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Easy Beef Stew Recipe to Conquer my Busy Days

Life can take a hold of us, to the point where we don't want to cook or do anything other than veg out in front of the TV.  However, we still need to get something for our families to eat, I show you an easy beef stew recipe for that kind of day.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of my readers in the internet land!  It has been a busy week and next week is even more so.  But as always, I have you a wonderful recipe!  Come and learn how to make meat hand pies!

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I think my family eats too much pork

More exciting news from MomNoms land, like a great quick pork chop recipe.  Pictures of beautiful baked goods.  Exciting 7 month old doing things!  Come on by and enjoy!

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Why Can't Fish Sing? Because You Can't Tuna Fish!

Day light savings time is killing us here on this side, it's been such a hectic day!  I'm serving you up a quick, easy, but professional meal that you can make any day of the week!

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We Have Shepherd's Pie Peppered with Actual Shepherds on Top

Been doing a lot of sight seeing today with a friend from Texas.  Braedon is so mobile, it's ridiculous.  I'm just trying to keep up with him.  Recipe for shepherd's pie!  It was so good! 

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