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Mexican Spice Crusted Halibut

I'm back, hopefully for good, don't worry, I'll tell you next time I decide to go away.

I come back with gifts of Mexican Halibut with Cilantro and Tomato Cream.

It's easy, flavorful, and delicious. 

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My Kitchen Hero- A Celebration of Immigrant Chefs

Immigrants are everything in the kitchen and sometimes we are so hidden behind the doors, that people forget.

My friend Jesse Bloom wants to take the chefs out from behind the doors and gather for an intimate night of cooking, conversation, and celebration.

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A Risotto to Celebrate New Beginnings

A lot of changes that we are having to embrace in this household lately!  I'm embracing them with wonderful recipes, an amazing son, and the motivation to do well!

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Mom's Brunch At Marlowe's SF

I love the days that I get to hang out in the city with my girl friends.  Especially when we are all dressed in the same Doctor Who t-shirt, eating brunch at Marlowe's, and going to look at crafts!

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Why food is important to me

Food has not always been my friend, I have had to conquer a lot to get to where I am today.  There is a reason that I love food so much and I put so much love into my food.

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