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MomNom's Best Hangover Cure

New Year's Eve was last night and I bet you had fun!

But I'm also betting that you don't feel that well this morning.

I have the perfect thing for you!

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Favorite Brunch Recipe Roundup

I have been horribly sick the last few days, but wanted to make sure that you got your brunching needs met.

I have been working with some other bloggers to find the best recipes on the internet and I give them to you!

Not only are the photos gorgeous, but each one of the meals taste wonderful!

Time to get your brunch on!

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Cajun Eggs Benedict

The first thing that you think of when you hear the word brunch is probably an Egg Benedict.

The tanginess of the sauce, with a perfectly runny egg, and usually some sort of meat.

Well, I took this fantastic dish and upped the offering.

I added some of my own cajun seasoning to make something that gives you a little kick as well!

Make this brunch for all of your friends!


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