Bloggers who Brunch in San Francisco

Last Tuesday, I did something that I never thought I would do.  I jumped out of my comfort zone, more like base jumped out of it, and met someone that I have never met before.  Someone who’s posts make her seems so cool, well known, and basically amazing.  Pretty much, the complete opposite of me.

Cadice aka KaleOrWhale admiring the marble table with the too dark rose

Candice aka Kale or Whale and I are going to have brunch and my heart felt like it was going to explode.

The weather is a little cloudy, I decide to wear my new shirt from the flea market, jeans, and cardigan.  The mom in me says stylish, the used to be stylish 20 something says, you look frumpy and boring.

My hair is a hot mess

I get a text while I’m in my uber, she’s running late, her uber got into an accident.  In my mind, that is the worst way to start off!

I love this part of the city, the Marina is gorgeous with it’s old buildings and small town feel.

I get to Rose’s and take a couple of snaps from the outside, mainly to calm my nerves.

I text Candice and ask her if she wants me to grab a table, luckily she’s already there!  I see her on the patio beside the roses at a gorgeous marble table.  She has already ordered a latte. And brought flowers for the photographs that we are going to take.

Flowers on the table

I sit down, shaking, smile, say hello, order a mocha, and a water.


I busy myself with the menu and finally calm down enough to start talking.


I ask her so many questions, her life is so interesting!

She started blogging years ago, but really got ‘full time’ serious since moving to Scottsdale.  She has worked in every industry known to man, I believe her favorite was when she was a nutritionist and running around the city setting up meal plans.

Hmm, maybe I should have asked her for a meal plan to get rid of all of my baby fat.

Before she left the city, she was working in the Presidio at a friend’s company, doing marketing.  That has helped her so much with her blog!  Learning marketing and branding and how to sell yourself, it brings in the readers.  Definitely something that I am not good at.

Before Scottsdale and San Francisco, she lived in LA.  This did not surprise me at all.  She has a So-Cal vibe that I love when meeting people from down there.  They’re a little more laid back than us San Francisco people… although it should probably be the opposite.

She’s from Tennessee, a good old southern girl like me.  Her accent, if she ever had one, has been taken from the California living.

I ordered a fantastic sandwich that consisted of pulled chicken, fontina cheese, herbs, and caramelized purple onion on a sourdough roll.  It was so delicious.  I had a salad on the side with a lemon vinaigrette, if you know me, you know how much I love lemon vinaigrettes.  


I was so nervous to eat in front of her, you know eating problems at all, but she made me feel totally comfortable.

I am so impressed with this girl, she’s married, kicking ass on her blog, and going to school for a communication degree, which is what I have and can totally nerd out on with her.

We order a sparkling wine to take pictures with.  The color we were looking for was a nice pink tinge, what we got was a dark red sparkling wine.  Still took beautiful photos.

wine for the ladies

We talk about how her husband was taking photos for her blog so much that now he’s a hobbyist photographer and basically doing awesome at it.

We finished our lattes, did I mention that they were in full sized bowls?  Took a few more photographs, hugged and parted ways.

Check out her blog, she has everything in it for you- fashion to food to life.  She is one of the most genuine and nice people that I have ever met.

I can’t wait to explore more of the city with her when she returns or maybe even go to Scottsdale to visit her.

I continued down Union, exploring the little shops, for the hour that I had left alone.  It was such a great day and an awesome visit!

If you live in or ever in San Francisco, go to Rose's Cafe on Union.  You will not regret it!

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Coq Au Vin MomNom's style

Next Wednesday, I will be writing about this lovely little chocolate and coffee shop in SoMa.

These chocolates though

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Wine pouring