Birthday Cake Martini

Wednesday I was putting together a bookshelf and I threw my back out, so it has been a hard few days.  

Yesterday, my partner wouldn’t let me do anything, including working on my blog, so I sat around and read a lot.

I am reading ‘You are a Badass,’ have you read it?  So far it is really eye opening and makes me just want to work on my blog and succeed even more.

I added a few pages, a contact page for brands and my menu for my personal chef gigs! That makes me super happy because it makes me feel like I’m moving along again and that I am going to succeed.

I feel that at this point, no matter what happens, I have succeeded.

Do you ever get to where you feel that are successful no matter what happens to you?

It’s an interesting feeling.

I am usually a totally negative person, this new attitude that I have taken on in the last few months is great and makes me feel better outside of the blog and work!

Like I said, my partner wouldn’t let me do anything.

So I had to sneak around and make this birthday cake martini!

This martini is to celebrate the last day of my blogiversary week.  I love it because it tastes just like a birthday cake.

If you’re celebrating something, this is what you need!

Birthday Cake Martini

What’s your favorite thing to celebrate with?


Need more to drink?