The Perfect Matcha Swiss Roll

A long time planning and coming up with the perfect recipe for a matcha swiss roll and I finally found it.  The bitterness of the matcha with the sweet strawberry mousse makes this the perfect dessert.

A long time planning and coming up with the perfect recipe for a matcha swiss roll and I finally found it.  The bitterness of the matcha with the sweet strawberry mousse makes this the perfect dessert.

It is the last week of July already!

My calendar is all marked off, I can’t believe that this month has gone by so fast!

And in just a few short weeks, I will be the mom of a 1 year old.

They tell you that it goes by fast, but this was much quicker than I expected.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to make for his smash cake, which got me thinking of all of the cakes that I’ve made.

I want to share my favorite one with you!

The one that I made for my friend for her birthday last month.

If you didn’t know, I am a huge matcha fan.

You probably know from the Matcha Cream Puffs that I made at the beginning of the year.  

I will go out of my way to try any and every dessert that has matcha in it.

I’m drinking a matcha tea latte right now, as I type this.  I told Gareth it was for research, since I am giving you guys a Matcha Swiss Roll with Strawberry cream.

I scoured the internet for a recipe that would give me the flavors that I wanted.  I found a few that I experimented with and were close, but none of them were it.

I wanted this cake to be perfect for my friend, who is also a huge matcha fan.

I finally sat down one night and came up with the perfect matcha sponge and a strawberry mousse that was so good, I purposefully made extra to have with chocolate.


I made a test swiss roll, just to make sure that it had the flavors that I wanted.

It did.

I had won the Matcha Olympics.

When my friends came over for her birthday, the cake was a hit.  Even Gareth ate it!

There was not even a single piece left at the end of the night.

So, for you my friends.  The perfect Matcha Swiss Roll.

Matcha Swiss Roll



  • 1 cup cake flour
  • 5 eggs separated 
  • 4 Tbs Matcha (I use Matcha DNA to cook with)
  • 1 Tbs baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup 2% milk
  • Food coloring of your choice to make the pattern

Strawberry Mousse

  • 1 lb fresh strawberries blended with 1 tsp of water
  • 1 envelope of Knox Gelatin (or equivalent) 
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream chilled
  • 2/3 cup of sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 400F 
  2. Line jelly pan with parchement paper
  3. In a small bowl combine all dry cake ingredients, except sugar
  4. In a large bowl whisk together eggs yolks, sugar, and milk until very pale in color, but not peaking
  5. In a medium bowl whisk together egg whites until a stiff peak forms
  6. Add dry mixture into egg yolk mixture
  7. Slowly fold in egg whites, I added it in fourths.
  8. At this point if you want a design take a little bit of the batter out and combine it with food coloring
  9. Put mixture in jelly pan and tap a few times on the counter to make it flat
  10. Add in other color and draw with a toothpick to create a design
  11. Put in oven for 8-10 minutes or until it springs back at touch
  12. While still hot gently invert the cake onto a tea towl and gently take off the parchment paper
  13. Roll the cake into a tight roll and let cool
  14. While cooling start the mousse 
  15. Bring the gelatin and 1/2 of the strawberry mixture to a simmer for about 3-4 minutes or until it really blooms
  16. Whip the other 1/2 of strawberry and sugar together until combined
  17. Add in the simmering gelatin and strawberry mixture
  18. Allow to come down to room temp (about 20 minutes)
  19. Whip cream until stiff peaks form
  20. Slow add in the strawberry mixture
  21. Slowly unroll the sponge and add the mouse, using a spatula to smooth it out
  22. Roll it back into a tight roll, cover in plastic, and allow the mousse to set for at least 4 hours in the fridge.


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We are going to England in a couple of weeks!

What are your go to travel accessories?

I’m excited, because Norwich is one of my favorite places in the world, but terrified, because I have never traveled that long with a one year old.

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