The Best 5 Gifts for the Cook in Your Life

I think I have already written about how much I love giving gifts, whether for Christmas or during a birthday or celebration.  I think that giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do.

I know that during this time of year a lot of people don’t know what to get the special friends and family in their lives and they go to the internet to find something.

Well, I am setting up a list for the cooks in your life.

It’s pretty much my favorite things that I use in the kitchen that I know your favorite cok will absolutely love.

1.  Locally Made Cutting Board

G and I were in Texas and went to a winter carnival downtown in the city that my family lives near.

We walked past this little booth that was full of all of these unique cutting boards.  Each one a different wood, telling a different story.

I absolutely fell in love with a Walnut one with a turquoise accent.

It was so beautiful I would have paid anything for it, but G got it for me and we had a nice conversation with the owner as well.

Apparently G had been looking everywhere for something so unique, something that was handmade, and not mass produced.  He had not been in luck, as many of the cutting boards online are just mass produced and don’t tell a story.

Waco Woodworks is definitely a great company to get a cutting board or a wood bowl from.  I would check them out if I were you.

2.  Irvin Lin’s ‘Marbled, Swirled and Layered'

I met Irvin at TECHMunch SF this year and heard him speaking about Pinterest, which his is absolutely amazing.  I became a huge fan of his on his blog and couldn’t wait to try his recipes from his book.

The day the cookbook came out, I went and bought it.  I have made several of his creations and loved every single one of them.

This is a cookbook that your loved one is going to adore because the recipes are easy to read and the end results are so fantastic that you can’t wait to make the next one.

You’re going to love this book because you get to eat all of the yummy treats your cook is going to make you.

One of my favorite parts of my kitchen is my mixer.  I never thought that I would love it so much, I thought that people who had mixers were lazy, but it seriously has made my life so much better.

My doughs come together better, quicker, and easier than ever before.

G bought this for me for my birthday and I can honestly say that I will never go without a mixer again.

If your cook doesn’t have one, make their life better and put some cheer in their heart by giving them this amazing gift.

I had never seen an at home immersion blender until I got my Breville.  G and I did a lot of research before actually buying this one.

According to all of the reviews it holds up better than most others and I can tell you it works wonders.

If your cook makes a lot of soups, potatoes, or things that generally need to be blended, you should definitely out this blender.

If you buy the set it comes with a whisk, blender and food processor.  

This little tool can make the your cook’s life so much easier.

5.  Instant Pot

If you can’t tell by my latest series, I am in love with the Instant Pot.  I feel like this pressure cooker is all you need for those nights you don’t have time to cook, but you want to eat like royalty.

I use mine several times a week to cut down on cooking time or because I have too much to do and can’t cook a full meal on the stove.

Your cook will love this because now they don’t have to do everything slowly and they can make their perfect meals with a touch of a button.


I hope this list helps!

Happy Holidays!


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