Sweet Pepper Pesto Cod

I love lighter meals during the summer and this cod hits the spot.  

I use a brined sweet pepper pesto to give it all of the flavor that it needs.  This is perfect for hot summer nights when you don't feel like cooking much, but want to eat something delicious. 

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Wontons

When you're making chicken to go into something, use the Instant Pot to get a quicker result.  Plus it is much easier and really infuses flavor into what you're cooking! 

I use this tip to make buffalo chicken wontons!

Perfect for your summer time party!

Mexican Spice Crusted Halibut

I'm back, hopefully for good, don't worry, I'll tell you next time I decide to go away.

I come back with gifts of Mexican Halibut with Cilantro and Tomato Cream.

It's easy, flavorful, and delicious.